Sunday, November 8, 2009

Adgitize October Payment Received

paypal adgitize payment october
Received my fifth Adgitize payment for October. This means additional funds for my Paypal account! I also renewed my ads for this month because Adgitize really meet my needs of getting blog traffic, knowing great blogs and getting earnings as well.

Even if Adgitize had increased advertising rates starting this month, I am still encouraging everyone to join Adgitize now!

Adgitize your web site.

Congratulations to every Adgitize members who received their payments too!


Curious Mind said...

Congrats! I love adgitize too. Are you earning the same amount monthly?


czaroma said...

@ fedhz, I love Adgitize too! Almost the same, though I earned more last month because I've got affiliates who advertised also :)

Curious Mind said...

Wow! I have two affiliates, but only one advertised. I hope I could earn as much as $40. hihi.


bambie said...

congratulations czaroma!:)

and thanks for stopping by my blog.

have a great week ahead!

czaroma said...

@ curious mind, good luck on your earnings :)

@ bambie, thanks!

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