Friday, October 16, 2009

Cirque De Soleil Banana Shpeel, A New Twist on Vauderville

Cirque De Soleil Banana Shpeel show
From world-renowned group of professional entertainers, Cirque de Soleil (Circus of the Sun), comes a new vauderville-based show.

If you are wondering if this show is a circus, well it is not a typical circus act. It's not even a Broadway play, a musical, a variety show nor a vauderville. It is Cirque du Soleil’s newest production - it is Banana Shpeel! A roller-coaster mix of different styles that blends comedy with tap, eccentric dance and slapsticks. A succession of wacky adventures told in a very hilarious narrative.

I have not seen a Cirque show yet, except for some online clips, but people who have seen this have said amazing things about this show. Checking the Cirque du Soleil online will make you want to experience watching the show live.
An intensely entertaining, fun show with a unique choreography. The show looks promising and I bet that this would definitely be a hit!

Check out this video:

The show plunges the audience into the world of Schmelky, a cruel and irritable producer who dangles fame and fortune in front of Emmett (Longoria), an innocent and romantic actor who has come to audition for him. Emmett soon finds himself trapped in a flamboyant, anarchic world where Schmelky sows terror and reigns supreme. Emmett falls in love with the beautiful Katie (Ashford) and meets a bunch of absurd characters, including the strange Banana Man.

I have no idea about this mysterious Banana Man. Maybe they would be enemies or maybe they will be friends. Myabe the Banana Man will help Emmett escape the clutches of Shmelky and his henchmen. Well, you will never know what happens, unless you watch the show.

Visit if you are interested to learn more about the Cirque du Soleil Banana Shpeel show and the show schedules! Tickets are available now for all performances. You can buy your tickets now for show premiere on November 19 at Chicago, IL and for the February 4 show at New York, NY.



conversationswithmoms said...

I'm sure if its Cirque de Soleil, it will be great.

czaroma said...

@ conversationswithmom, so it must really be!

800am said...

Wow I had no idea Cirque was coming to Chicago. I was in Los Angeles and saw Kooza. Wow that was amazing.

Butler said...

Yes, but their tickets are usually so expensive.

lee said...

don't worry. I just did some quick research and found this link for discounted tickets. Here you go:

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