Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dora the Explorer

Dora the ExplorerDora the Explorer
My daughter Skylah grew up being fond of Dora the Explorer. Until now, she still watches Dora on DVD and play Dora games on the computer. On the other hand, my son Brent also likes Diego (Dora's cousin) and the jaguar.

When we happen to see an advertisement at Philippine Star that there would be a Dora the Explorer at the Ayala Malls, she instantly said, "Mommy let's watch Dora!" I checked on the ways on how we can get to watch. Good thing, my sister is an A-card holder! I do not have to spend anything just to get free seats at the show. Those who are not A-card holders need to present receipts worth Php 2,000 from Ayala Malls establishments in order to have two tickets to the show.

I even had a hard time calling and reserving for seats because the phone lines are always busy. It is because Ayala Malls can only accommodate a number of A-card holders per show and maybe a lot of A-card holders are calling. However, after more than an hour of trying to call, I was glad that the phone ring. There... we have reserved seats for the Dora the Explorer The Big Piñata show!

We watched Dora the Explorer show last August 28, 2009 at Glorietta 5. We only have two free stubs, but they allowed me and my two kids to have seats. My kids also get to have their pictures taken with Dora and Boots. A free print is also provided by Picture City.

The Big Piñata show lasted for just about 30 minutes, but my kids had so much fun and enjoyed this wonderful day with Dora, their favorite adventurer!


hopeful said...

My daughter is a fond of Dora too. She's watching Dora's DVD everyday. Ang kiddos talaga nakakatuwa!

A Lil Enchanted said...

What a fun time for the kids... and you gpot some great photos! My lil one loves Dora too... she would have so much fun at something like this :)

Oh and thanks so much for the surprise EC credits! I enjoy visiting your blog :)

A Lil Enchanted,

czaroma said...

@ hopeful, most young girls are really fond of Dora and it's enjoyable to see them na sobrang happy while watching Dora!

@ A Lil Enchanted LaShan, yes they had so much fun and the photo opportunity makes it even more wonderful! You are welcome and thank you for dropping often. You have a great blog!

arzed said...

nice that your children were able to join the contest; we don't have it here in Brunei

Joops said...

our daughter love dora so much!

czaroma said...

@ arzed, maybe Dora will visit Brunei soon :)

@ Joops, little girls really love Dora... it's just good that they are learning from Dora too!

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