Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Farm and My Resturant

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I admit it, I am getting fond of playing Farmville and Restaurant City in Facebook. These are two of the most popular and addictive games on Facebook. I am hooked because it is like playing with friends too!

There is just so many things you can do on Facebook, that I initially felt overwhelmed by the different applications and requests by friends. For more than 3 months, the most I had done is to accept friend request. It was when my little sister urges me to play Farmville, YoVille and Restaurant City that I start to spent my time on playing these simulation games. I was also influenced by my other sister and some friends for they kept saying that Facebook is now much better than Multiply and Friendster. It is then that I have decided to give Facebook my time.

Now, I am fascinated with a farm and a restaurant. Well just maybe through these games I can experience a life totally different from mine.

In reality, this does not speak about what my passion is. I grew up, lived and stayed in the city all my life. I had never experienced living in the province nor stayed in a farm. I had only seen farm lots; I have been to Strawberry farm in Baguio City, but I had never experienced farming, harvesting, milking cows, and other works that people do on the farm.

I love to eat and I enjoy most food, but then I am not good at preparing and cooking a meal. I would fail if people ask me what are the ingredients to a certain dish. The most I can do is buy fruits and food items for my kids at the grocery; though I do not know if this counts. Maybe this is also one reason why magazines, blogs and websites about food interest me.

A time to work and a time to play.

The important thing is I can manage my time well; I keep on reminding myself to stop "facebooking" and get back to work! But it is always good to keep a balance of everything.

... and I know too that these addiction shall pass.


Bailey Baretto said...

you have a nice restaurant. i love playing that too.. mi just finished redecorating mine :)

iceah said...

wow mahilig din ako nyan c: could we be facebook friends din? c: Iwan mo full name mo sa blog ko ha kung gusto mo lang c: hehehe c:

PinkNote said...

Been addicted to resto city and farm town too, but after i reached resto city's level 27 and bought the things i wanted for my resto, nawalan na ko ng gana..pero i visit my resto minsan para laruin yung bagong items..hehehe^^

verabear said...

Hi! I'm addicted to FB and RC too! :)

Just wanted to leave a note to let you know that I've been visiting everyday but I can't see your EC widget most of the time, unless I click to comment first. Strange.

♥superjaid♥ said...

Recently lang ako naadik sa farmtown, farmville at restaurant city..nakakatuwa kasi talaga..cant help it..Ü

czaroma said...

@ Bailey, thank you. I'm just at level 12 :)

@ Iceah, wow talaga! sure, I'll add you sa facebook friends ko :)

@ Pinknote, wow na-addict ka talaga hehehe... I'll keep on playing until level 27 :)

@ Verabear, I didn't realize that facebooking could be addicting!... That EC widget is really weird. I don't know if other people are also experiencing that. Thanks for telling me... though I have no idea why it's happening

@ superjaid, same here, I just started playing weeks ago :)

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