Saturday, August 22, 2009

DFA Passport Renewal and Application

Mom would be getting a passport for my younger sister and she made use of the DFA Passport Appointment System. Through this system, she also scheduled for our family's passport renewal and the passport application of my kids. This Passport Appointment System is where passport applicants can set appointment with the Department of Foreign Affairs just by filing-out an online request form. Mom submitted a request form in the morning and received a confirmation in the afternoon; and we were scheduled two days after filing.

My parents, my two sisters and I arrived at the DFA building at 10:30 a.m. We had our applications and requirements verified, proceed to pay for the passport and fall-in line for the encoding process.
Regular passport processing (14 working days) cost Php 500, while expedited processing (7 working days) cost Php 750. We left DFA 15 minutes before 12 noon. We all finished the application and renewal for about an hour. My husband who was scheduled in the afternoon finished his application in less than an hour; and his transaction even includes the lost-passport verification process.

Our family's experience in passport renewal and application went smoothly, compared to other people who would spend hours and even days in getting a passport. We simply followed the procedures and prepared all the requirements before going to the DFA. I could really say that our family's transaction at this government office did not stress us out.

Here are simple reminders that would somehow help passport applicants:

1. Check and prepare all the requirements, from the accomplished application form and documents before going to the DFA. This will really save you time in going back-and forth to the DFA.
2. Bring original copies of your proof of identities (NSO Birth Certificate, Marriage Contract, etc.) and ID. Also, have your IDs photocopied.
3. Make sure that your application forms and documents are presented well. Meaning, it is neat and not crumpled.
4. If you are using the Online Appointment System, be there at your scheduled time.
5. Don't be bothered by the fixers and shouters along the streets of Libertad.
If you want more convenience, you can opt for the help of a travel agency (with additional cost) or through courier, so you can just have your passport delivered at your home or office.

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Dinah said...

It really is very helpful to have an appointment. otherwise, you will have to line up and it will take lots of your time and energy.
I have never been to DFA but I had my passport processed at a satellite passporting in Pasig. It is also very hassle free.

U.Pink said...

yeah, i can't imagine how exhausted i can be while in the queue without that online appointment form..

thanks to DFA, they made our passport application and renewal easier.. good job di ba? :)

online writer said...

I used DFA's online appointment system when I had my passport renewed early this year. It was faster and more convenient.When I got there, tuloy-tuloy na unlike some people na pumila pa ng mahaba just to get an appointment then babalik na naman for the payment. Hassle and sobrang gastos sa pamasahe. Maybe they didn't know about the online appointment system. Another option is to get the services of LBC para sila na magpa-schedule sa yo,sila na rin magbibigay ng documents mo and they'll deliver your passport to your doorstep na rin.But of course,may appearance ka pa rin nyan sa DFA to process your passport.And around P1,200 ata yung bayad sa LBC plus yung bayad mo pa sa passport.Better use the online appointment system.tipid,fast,and convenient.=)

czaroma said...

@ dinah, the appointment system can really save much time. good to hear that there's satellite office in pasig :)

@, agree good job for the DFA. others should follow this!

@ online writer, I agree with the convenience you can get through using this online system. Marami pa rin yung talagang pumipili since hindi sila aware na may online system na. thanks for the info about LBC. convenient rin talaga to use LBC, yun nga lang may personal appearance since machine-readable na ang mga passport; kaya talagang people should use the online appointment system :)

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