Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Facebook Username Gold Rush

Facebook team allowed the public to create their usernames or vanity URL last June 13. It's like land and gold rush since millions joined in the rush and some even had slight competition against the URLs they desire. Even some journalists have pre-reserved their usernames. I can't believe that there's also username squatting!

Well, I haven't experienced any trouble claiming my desired username. I didn't even rush and register my username on the day of the launch. I think there's still no one in this world with a name exactly the same as mine. Unless, my "so-called Impostor" had claimed it before I do.

This would be the Facebook username and vanity URL forever since facebook says that it can never be changed -

facebook usernameThis is easier to remember and share with others that the previous Facebook URL consisting of a bunch of random numbers. A move similar to Twitter's. This is a huge success for Facebook. Their representatives reported that more than 200,000 usernames were registered in the first 3 minutes and 3 million after 12 hours! It was the busiest day for Facebook; even generating record high traffic!

For those who haven't claimed their Facebook URL, you can claim it here: But for those who joined after June 9, you would be eligible to claim your username on June 28.

Even if I have claimed my URL, I still need to have time and spend a few minutes on my facebook. For now, the most I can do is accept friend request; hopefully soon I can keep my account updated. Still, all my blog friends and visitors can add me on Facebook :)


angkwentongbuhay said...

may i request for xlink.

czaroma said...

@ angkwentongbuhay, sure I've added you in my blog list already :)

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