Thursday, May 21, 2009

Plagiarism in the Blogosphere

plagiarism tag
Plagiarism also exist even in the blogosphere, maybe even more. I decided to grab this tag when I happen to pass by Mom's Place blog; followed where she got the tag and learned more about a situation regarding plagiarism on Basic Bloganomics of David Funk. These are the situations where I couldn't help but feel upset. I wonder why some people make use of another persons post or article and claim that it was theirs; more so, get paid and take credit for having it published. It is just right to give credit where it is due and let other people know the source of the article or material.

I also had my share of these experiences as well, with my words being copied and imitated. Never did I gave much thought to it, instead I have chosen to let it pass and think that I had just been an inspiration. Just recently, I've read an issue of a fellow mom who had a plagiarism issue with one of the magazine, Moms and Kids. It's the same magazine issue where my blog post got published too. Plagiarism is indeed a big issue!

What is Plagiarism?

According to Dictionary , Plagiarism is the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work.

To all Bloggers who exert effort to create noteworthy entries and who continue to maintain a Blog which is a reflection of who she / he is, ” Good job! ”
To those who have the desire to Blog but are merely scraping contents from other people‘ s materials, ”Whether you are monetizing your site to help you with your basic needs or to satisfy some of your wants, do it the proper way. Stop making money out of someone else’s work. Otherwise, you are nothing but a common thief! ”

Thank you!

Feel free to grab this tag and post this in your blog site as well.

... which reminds me that I still have another blog tag to post and blog links to update.


klivengood said...

Hi, thanks for spreading this tag. I remember that somebody asked me if he or she can copy my beach photos from my blog and i allow him/her and that's okay because he/she asked permission, right? But copying the whole articles and claiming that it was theirs, oh that's a big foul.

Well, thanks again and hope to see you again and i will add you to blog as well.

Have a nice day.

I like your url...hehe

David Funk said...

Thanks for posting this. It is upsetting to have your work stolen without permission. I don't have a problem when asked, but undermining someone by taking their work without credit is where I draw the line. If they give credit even without asking, then I'm OK with it.

Some people do take longer than others to post something they want, and it isn't right for those to take a minute to steal it for their own.

Ouch about the plagiarism issue on that Moms and Kids magazine.

I appreciate your comment on my blog and for your support.

Best wishes and thanks for being kind to pass me an award even though we just met online.:)

czaroma said...

@klivengood, I agree with you, there'll be no problem only if people asks permission.

I am glad I passed by your blog. I've learned a great deal in an instant... I'll keep on dropping by :)

czaroma said...

@David, you are most welcome and I appreciate your taking time to drop and comment on my blog as well :)

True, people have minds of their their own and shouldn't copy what the others have done just to be credited. It is just apt to give credit to the real owner and source.

Have a happy weekend... I'll keep on dropping by your blog. It keeps me really inspired.

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