Sunday, May 31, 2009

Birtain's Got Talent 2009 Winner: Diversity

The dance group Diversity beats Susan Boyle in the recent Britain’s Got Talent 2009 Finale! For the final performance Susan Boyle sang her audition piece, “I Dreamed a Dream”; which she sang even more beautifully! This is the song which had made her internationally famous and the reason why the show grabbed the worlds’ fascination. Diversity came up with a new and great performance. The ten dance troupe members from Essex and London really blew the judges and the public with their breathtaking “transformer” dance routines.

Diversity becomes £100,000 richer and would perform on the Royal Variety Performance in front of the Queen at the Royal Variety Performance! Diversity’s choreographer, Ashley Banjo, was shocked with the results saying
“When you said our name I thought I was dreaming. Everyone who has voted - you have changed our lives”.

People have expected Susan Boyle to win this show, but she landed in second place. Still, she graciously accepted defeat. She told Ant and Dec,
“The best people won. They are very entertaining lads - lads, I wish you all the best".

Truly a wonderful lady!

Is this the end of Susan’s dream? I guess not, for this is just the start. I remember her saying that her dream was to be professional singer! Yes she would be, for her album will be out in few months.


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