Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Passion for Summit Media Magazines

I love reading. I love magazines. My kids and everyone in my family are magazine lovers too.
Work perks: I got to buy magazines every month at a lesser price!

What's my Top 10 Summit Media magazines?

1. Kzone
2. Disney Princess
3. Total Girl
4. Marie Claire
5. FHM
6. Real Living
7. Entrepreneur
8. Good Housekeeping
9. Yummy
10. Cosmopolitan

Actually, it's not just 10, because I also buy Top Gear, Preview and High School Musical... that makes it Top 13! Realizing that for more than a year, I've been buying more than 1 copy of these magazines every month! It's also known that Summit Media is about to launch a new magazine for women this month, and that magazine is Women's Health. A magazine that features articles on food and nutrition, fitness, health and well-being, sex and relationships, fashion, and beauty. Isn't this very interesting? I've already seen a primer copy and sneak preview of Women's Health from the current issue of Good Housekeeping magazine that I have with me. Now, I am looking forward to getting my copy of Women's Health. Perhaps this time I won't wait for the back issues.

women's health magazine


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