Friday, February 13, 2009

A Perfect Day at Blue Water Day Spa

The love and support of my family means so much to me. I find every family celebrations and gatherings worthwhile and worth remembering. It is only through these events and moments that we get to see our other relatives and cousins.

November 2008 marks the 80th birthday of my grandmother. Her grandchildren prepared a surprise birthday celebration for her. It was 7 months before her birthday my grandfather passed away; but through our family’s simple effort of being with her especially on her special day, I know she hasn’t felt that alone. My grandmother might be old, but she still works; unmindful of her old age and health condition. She always wanted to make use of her time in the best way possible. We won’t know when her time would time; but of course, we are all praying that she can be with us for a longer time.

Perhaps, another surprise party for my grandmother at the Blue Water Day Spa would be a great gift for her too. Their Ortigas branch, with its Spa Movie Theater, would be a perfect place for this family togetherness. I know my lola would be going to love this! It would definitely relax her and remove all the stresses and worries she have. Like her, most of my aunts and cousins, haven’t experienced going to spas yet. And this would really be an exciting experience for all of us. We would all love their foot, back and shoulders massage while experiencing their Spa Theater.

Maybe we can prepare and show her favorite Tagalog movies and soap opera’s on the theater. Since she is also fond of taking a look at pictures of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren; and we can show this too! I bet, even my aunt and uncles who are living and working abroad would love to join this party… but if they can’t, we can ask them to send their videos with words they want to say, so that we can feel their presence too. The little kids would surely love watching all these on screen and perhaps they’ll wonder in amazement too; as the adults get their massage!

This would be a special day for a loving lola who would definitely remember how she important she is for all of us... and a perfect day of family togetherness.

Well, I am hoping I can make this happen. Of course, I can’t wait to try Spa Movie theater experience as well. What a great spa concept! Hoping I’ll be one of the lucky 28 bloggers who’ll get to win at this blog contest by Techfilipino. I'll keep my fingers-crossed...


Francis Simisim said...

Thanks for joining, Noted your entry.Winners will be posted on the 15th of February on my blog.

Loved the idea, old soap operas for the family. Interesting concept.

Francis Simisim

czaroma said...

Thanks Francis! I hope I'll get to win :)

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