Saturday, February 14, 2009

Great Friday Night at Rex Smith's Concert

My husband and I got to watch Rex Smith's Let's Make a Memory concert at the PICC Plenary Hall. Here are my ten reasons why it had been a great Friday night:

+ Getting to watch the concert had given me and my hubby our time together; relaxing after a week of office work-stresses, my son's birthday celebration and my kid's school field trip.

+ Hearing Rex Smith as he sings these songs - "Let's Make a Memory", "Simply Jessie", "Forever", "Don't Give Up on Us", "You Take My Breath Away".

+ Rex Smith's performance from his Broadway shows - excerpts from the "Phantom of the Opera" and "Grease".

+ Rex Smith's dynamic voice, funny antics and wonderful personality. He was not as old as we thought he was! In fact, he doesn't even look like he's already on his 50's.

+ Getting to know who the Cercado sisters are. I was amazed hearing their award-winning performance for the song "Paraiso".

+ Hearing the groove of the RX 80's band and the powerful voices of Olivia, the golden-girl of jazz, and Faith Cuneta.

+ Meeting fellow Getzmo mover-friends, snowhite with her daughter and animetric with her hubby. We've been lucky enough to win tickets from Getzmo!

+ Being at PICC once again after the nostalgic memories of graduation day. This was 9 years ago...

+ The last major concert hubby and I got to watch was the Side A-Freestyle concert way back year 2002(?); realizing that we still share and enjoy the same passion.

+ It's a free concert... so far, this is the greatest treat I've received from Getzmo!

We might have missed Sheena Easton's concert because we weren't able to get our tickets, nonetheless, I was thankful I got to watch Rex Smith's concert.


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