Saturday, January 17, 2009

Party After Thoughts

“Mommy, I didn’t won”

“Mommy, why wasn’t my name called for the prize… There are so many prizes and I didn’t have one?”

These words had echoed in my ears and in my mind on the way home after my daughter and I attended a party. Before the party started, I encouraged her to have fun and join the games so she can have a chance to take home a prize. Indeed, she did not disappoint me. She tried to be at her best self and joined the party activities too.

I told her it was fine because she had taken home a loot bag. Still, I know she was counting and wishing to have a prize. I told her that I was so proud of her. Still, I could feel that there’s a slight sign of sadness. Somehow, I had managed not to let her know that I was sad too, because mommy wants her to be happy all the time.

Children’s parties work differently. It’s not always that the party hosts would give them consolation prizes. More often than not, it’s only the winners who’ll get the prize.

This is one of our learning experiences. At a very young age, she gets to experience that it’s not every time that she could win. This is reality and this is what life really is. I believe that she’ll learn to overcome this and through this experience, I know she’ll grow up learning to cope up with defeats and failures.

As a mom, I always want my kids to have the best things in life. We are not rich to buy all those expensive toys and clothes that they want. Nonetheless, my husband and I provide them the best based from what we can.

In the future, I know my children would get to experience their own failures. I need much strength to support them and I hope by that time, they would be strong enough too.


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