Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year and A New Blog

Happy New Year!

It’s time to say goodbye to the past year and welcome the brand new year! New Year comes with new hopes, dreams, goals and moments; more life experiences and adventures.

I am happy for the year that had passed; it had been such an exciting and worthwhile year for me and my family. We were blessed and I hope the blessings will continue to pour on as we start this year. It really pays to take a glance back on what
2008 had been for me. Life and living is indeed wonderful!

This is indeed the perfect time to start with something new; so let me welcome this year with a new blog! A blog that I have wanted to start with a few months back. Though I haven’t really couldn’t think of the best blog name or the best blog URL for this. I am now wishing I will have more time to keep this updated. I will soon miss
Sweet Serenity… from this blog I’ve learned how to be grateful for the life that I have; for breaking away from the complexities of life and for being a more mature and stronger woman!

It’s moving on once again to a new blog space.

It’s now time to start with my Serenity Overload (does it sounds like pizza overload or a food blog?). This is now my personal blog for everything else around me; taking a more glance at the world as a whole!


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