Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Odesk Project

I just started my first hourly Odesk project. I was hired for a Virtual Assistant job and my first task is Blog Commenting wherein I need to create 50 blog comments. The work is good enough and I am hope the next task would be better as well.

This alleviate the disappointment of the lack of hope of getting an online job. And another dissapoinment follows. Would you be disappointed too if what you're expecting didn't materialize when you were really counting on it? I had anticipated too much; only to find out that there wasn't any trace of it at all! It was like hating where I am...

I guess there's still a lot more to come... a thousand more opportunities to grasp and look forward to. I just need to think and say to myself that it's not just meant to be. Well, this is life. It's fair enough.. and I wish it really was!


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