Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Can a Salad Macaroni Save the Day?

It's just a bad day after all.


The day started feeling overly depressed over coming here. My wind was filled with sadness, worries and anxieties.

I wish I had the power to release all these disappointments and not let it overcome me. I wish I had the support I need to be able to hang on. I wish I had the strength to continue this fight.


It could be sad when there’s no more work for me at
Odesk. Well, maybe I just have to try again and look for another task.


Because of the effect of the global financial crisis, there’s a need to do cost control measures and layoff employees. This news had made me feel sad for the person who had been retrenched in the company where I am working. Maybe if I am the person being retrenched, I would really feel the world had shattered. On the other hand, a part of me would feel relieved. This had made me think of more reasons to leave. I am somehow considering this option.

Somehow, I am a bit prepared to hear and experience all these. All these are right in front of my eyes. I’ve heard it on the local news that Intel plant in Cavite had shutdown, Panasonic Philippines closure and layoffs are becoming rampant. I had become aware of the economic crisis, when my previous Odesk task had made me comment on certain issues. I had come to read about US president Obama’s inauguration, his economic reforms and the global crisis.

Life is indeed so hard, but then, this is the sad reality of living.

On the other hand, I won in the company Friday surprise raffle! If only these disappointments can be saved by a 1kg Sunshine Salad Macaroni. Oh well, I can’t help but just breathe a sigh.


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