Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Woman Remembers: Filipino Blog of the Week 197

A Woman Remembers is Filipino Blog for Week 197.

After our family's early summer vacation at Batangas and after winning as Mommy Blogger at Kidsandbabies, I am so glad to be given another award. This time the prestigious Filipino Blog of the Week award came from The Composed Gentleman.

I did not have much time to campaign and seek help from friends, still, I'm thankful for this award. Glad that there are people who wishes me well and voted for me silently.

Now, I am grabbing the winners logo and post this proudly on my sidebar!

Cheers to all Filipino Bloggers!

These blog awards - from The Composed Gentleman and Kidsandbabies - came when I was too busy to update my blog and visit my favorite blogs around the blogosphere. I guess these would serve as my inspiration to continue and keep on blogging.


David Funk said...

Wow Czaroma, you are on quite a roll with all these awards and accolades! It just proves once again that you are once a fantastic blogger!

Best wishes, and thanks for the vote and comment on the YouSayToo Awards!

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