Monday, May 18, 2009

Best Free Traffic

best free traffic
I am the Top Referrer at Best Free Traffic!

This is odd. I've joined this traffic site, maybe 3 years ago when traffic sites and PTC interests me. I haven't really given much time referring people to these sites, let alone know its usefulness. It was that time when I started to become interested on how to earn online. I only have a blog site and I didn’t have much time to spend on these PTC and traffic sites; and these are the reasons why I deserted my goal to earn money online. I concentrated on becoming a full time employee and give much of my time to my own family.

Still, I kept on receiving emails, once or twice a week that I have a new referral at Best Free Traffic. I was surprised when I got to receive emails more than 5 times a week. I start to wonder where these referrals are coming from. It was then that I start to check on the Best Free Traffic site.

Amazing! I am on their Top 10 Referrers and I am even on the number 1 post! I logged in and checking my credits tells me that-

You have 18425.8 Auto and 9738.59 Manual credits in your account

Now I am thinking what to do with all these credits!

What is Best Free Traffic?
At Best Free Traffic, you can Manual or Auto surf all day and receive targeted traffic for your sites. You earn credits thru Paid to Click Ads, by visiting other member sites, referring others to join the site, and as well as reading the newsletter.


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