Monday, February 16, 2009

Nido Fortified You're My #1 Video: Life is Beautiful

I recently joined the Nestle's Nido Fortified You're My #1 Video. A contest which had started last January 2, 2009. It might be too late to join this contest when the others have reached more than 60 thousand votes! It would be a miracle if we still get to be on the Top 10! But who knows, maybe we can also stand a chance! I know that with my family's support, we can manage to get some votes. I guess, friends are willing to help out as well.

Skylah had waited for a month to see our video on the Nido multiply website; while I waited for Brent to turn 3 before I submit the video. It's in the mechanics that kids should be 3 years old at the time of registration. It won't be fair to Brent if I submitted my entry without both my kids on the video. If we didn't win, I know I've still done the right thing!

Check and vote on my entry to the
Nido Fortified You're My # 1 contest.


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