Monday, April 19, 2010

Precious Moving Up Programs

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graduating from Kinder 2

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moving up from Nursery

March 18 and 19 were precious days for my kids as we a share with them another significant day in their preschool life - their moving up and graduation programs.

It was a short and simple ceremony - no lengthy hours sitting and listening to speeches - but still meaningful and memorable.

It was more of the preschoolers presentation. They deliver their lines, danced and sang... not perfectly, but heartwarming nevertheless. The teachers, the preschoolers and their parents are all beaming with joy and pride.

Their moving up day is more than awards and recognition, it's more of valuing the kids' experiences for a year and bringing it to a close. It's more about achievement, rather, it marks the start of another chapter in their lives.

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the presentation

I am grateful for the teachers for nurturing my kids well, for the safe joyride from school to our home everyday, for the friendship. It was indeed a great decision that we've chosen Precious Partners. I know my kids will always remember their precious years in preschool. They have touched our lives in grand ways.

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with the teachers and school owner

We've celebrated it with just how the kids want it to be - lunch at Jollibee for my son and Shakey's lunch for my daughter.

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Jollibee and Shakey's lunch

We have moved on, literally. If not because of this move, my son would have stayed for two more years at Precious Partners.

This coming school year, my son would be in Kinder 1 and my daughter would be in Grade 1. They would soon be in a different school with new classmates, teachers, and environment. Now, It's time to gear up for another change.


Me-an said...

laki na ng inaanak ko..1st grader na sa pasukan.

Mare, check this out...have an award for you.

Anonymous said...

Haste makes waste.......................................................

Mommy Levy said...

Cza, ilang taon mga kids nyo nung una nyo pinasok sa pre school?

czaroma said...

@mareng me-an, yup grade 1 na sya this school year!

@sis levy, brent started toddler class at 2.5 years old, si skylah naman nagstart kinder 1 agad at 4 years old :)

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