Saturday, January 26, 2013

Signs for Health and Safety

Every day, I can see different signs all over. There are several signs around the village where we live. Parking signs remind people not to park their vehicles on the road and use the parking building instead. There are also warning and safety signs in the clubhouse that includes reminders on the proper use of the swimming pool. Directional signage, building names and on-going maintenance can also be seen around. Weeks ago, construction and caution signs are mounted on the hallway in the condominium building where my parents are staying. It informs people of the ongoing maintenance to fix the floor paint in the hallway.

Since there are also dogs around the village, there is a specific place where these friends can dump their poo. Even those "Keep off the Grass" warnings are placed on some areas. Though sometimes, there can be some inconsiderate neighbors who seem to ignore all these signs.

As you travel and commute on the road, there are more signs that we can see like traffic signs, road signs and street signs. There are also caution and danger signs in some areas of the city, especially in those places where buildings are being constructed. Making oneself well informed of several OSHA signs help prevents accidents to happen. Signs are the best reminder and a great way to keep our lives safer.

Signs are something that I never fail to notice. If you keep an attentive eye, you can also take notice of those funny signs. Wouldn't it be fun to see those signs like "No Barking Anytime" which can be placed in the front yard of someone who can't stand the nonstop barking of dogs? If you're fond of signs spotting, you'll also get amused by signs that can make you laugh as well. You can search about funniest road signs on the Internet if you need a good laugh.

All these signs are placed to inform people and attract attention. It should not be ignored, especially when it would bring benefit to your health and safety. You won't be spending lots of minutes on those signs. Sometimes a glance and a few seconds is enough to keep you safe.


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