Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ballet Philippines' Inamorata: A Woman in All Her Glory

Ballet Philippines presented Inamorata, its second season offering, last September 23 to 25 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Main Theater. My daughter and I was able to watch the September 23 evening show.

Inamorata is the heart of its 42nd Season: Faces of Eve. It highlights the 100th years of International Women’s Day by presenting the many facets of woman as it gives tribute to woman through her triumphs and travails.

Inamorata,Ballet Philippines,CCP

The show starts with "Harlequinade", a pas de deux comedic dance that shows a woman's wit and fanciful ways.

“Hardin ng Balo” (Garden of the Widow) depicts an old widow reminiscing the happy life she had lived with her family and how she yearned to be with her husband who had gone before her. It ends with a sweet note as she finds her husband summoning her to join him, but this time, for eternity.

The vocal performance of soprano Rachelle Gerodias was amazing! She also gave a powerful rendition in Quando Me'n Vo (Pagputok ng Dibdib).

"Flames of Paris" is a fascinating pas de deux. It shows a woman's strength and virtuosity.

I find "Everywoman" very forceful and interesting. It is dramatized by a woman, a serpent, a pope, and several priests. It shows that a woman can assert herself amidst the sexual repression by men.

“Japayuki” (Always Be in My Mind) depicts the grief, suffering and emotions of an OFW mother, who choose to be parted from her child to give him a better life, but a terrible accident ended her child's life.

"Moving Two" and "Mithi" shows the romantic love and relationship of a man and woman. "Mithi" looks at the relationship of two individuals who love each other and 'experienced loss at its keenest level.' I find it emotionally-wonderful. Soprano Camille Lopez Molina gave an amazing performance as well!

"Amar Como El Mar" highlights the woman's beauty and magnificence. It's a great segment where you can almost feel the breeze, the waves and the stormy weather. I love how the program expresses it:

A man is spit out of the sea. Playing with the waves, it is summer in his memory. A woman appears. Their kiss tastes like brine. When a stone is hurled in the water, meteors fall from the sky. Time turns everything to sand. Every speck, the dried skeleton of the sea.

There are segments that appears sensual, but it is innovatively-choreographed and cleverly manipulated by the ballet dancers. Inamorata was well-received by the audience. Dancers, choreographers, singers, fashion icons Ito Curata, Jojie Lauren, and Rajo Laurel, and everyone whose part of the production were all heartily applauded.

Truly, Inamorata, honor women as the beloved!

ballet dancers
My daughter enjoyed watching the ballet performance as much as I do. Her eyes were kept glued on stage all throughout. She felt happy (though, shy)  for she got pictures with Ballet Philippines principal dancers - Candice Adea and Katherine Trofeo.

with Candice Adea

with Katherine Trofeo

Thanks Ballet Philippines for the tickets!